Why is it Important to Act Quickly?

✓ There is an expiration date on filing a case.

✓ Your case gets weaker as each day passes.

A few minutes of your time now may mean the difference between winning and losing your case. 

Employees Have Rights


You have legal rights in the workplace that include fair compensation, personal privacy, and freedom from discrimination based on sex, age, religion, and more. Unfortunately, these rights are sometimes overlooked or even abused in the workplace.

No Cost To You

We consult, review, and process your case at NO COST.


Abuse in the workplace can be difficult to identify.
What are you going through and how can we help?


Discrimination & HaRassment

Is someone treating you differently due to your race, age, gender, or something else?


Wrongful Termination

Have you been unfairly fired?



Is someone taking revenge and impairing your ability to work?


Pay Issues

Are you not receiving fair pay?



Have you been prevented from taking time off?


not sure?

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Behind everything we do, from legal maneuvering to complex paperwork, is motivated by one thing: dedication to getting you what you deserve.
— Emil Davtyan, Founder of Davtyan Law