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Do Any of These Employment Situations Apply to You?

Davtyan Law Firm is an employment law firm specializing in defending workers’ rights that are protected under California Employment Law. We represent employees that have been treated unlawfully according to the following situations:


Wrongful Termination

Have You Been Unfairly Fired from Your Job? Find out What Constitutes Unlawful Termination.

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Wage & Hour Issues

Are You Not Receiving Fair Pay? We Help
Employees with a Range of Pay Related Issues.

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discrimination and harassment laws in california

Discrimination & Harassment

Is Someone Treating You Differently Due
To Your Race, Age, Gender, or Something Else?

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Workplace Retaliation

Is Someone Taking Revenge and Impairing
Your Ability to Work?
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Protected Leaves

California Employment Law Protects Employees for Certain Leaves of Absence

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We are Employment Lawyers who Handle a
Variety of Other Workplace-Related Legal Issues.

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Why is it important to act quickly?

Your case has a statute of limitation according to California Employment Law, which means it expires at a certain date. While we process your case expediently,  they can take long periods of time to settle. Because of this, it is important to seek the help of a California Employment Law Attorney as soon as you can to avoid the expiration of your case.


A Few Minutes of Time Now Makes a Huge Difference.

It Could Be the Difference Between Winning and Losing Your Employment Law Case.


There is An Expiration Date on Filing a Case.

Don’t Forfeit Your Rights. Let Us Help You File Your Case Quickly.


Your Case Gets Weaker as Each Day Passes.

File Your Lawsuit Quickly to Have the Strongest Possible Case. Our Team of Experts Is Here to Help.

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1. Request a Consultation

If you feel your employer has treated you unfairly, please fill out our form or call us.


2. Intro Call

A friendly Intake Team member will ask for topline information on your situation and will let you know if a phone interview can be scheduled with our next level Intake Specialist


3. Phone Interview

Our next level Intake Specialist will review your situation in more detail and request documents that help our attorneys determine next steps


4. Document Sharing

You share requested employment documents for our attorneys to review and determine if
a consultation makes sense


5. Attorney Consultation

One of our expert attorneys will have a one-on-one, personal phone consultation with you to explain all legal options

Based in Los Angeles, We Focus Exclusively On Employment Law and Protecting Employees’ Rights.

We are Lawyers who Represent Employees Throughout the State of California in Every Industry Against Both Large Corporations and Smaller Companies. It Is Important To Understand Employment Law in California and How It Affects Your Situation. The Team at Davtyan Law Firm Excels at Defending Employees in California.


Employees Have Rights

You have legal rights in the workplace that include fair compensation laws, personal privacy, and freedom from discrimination based on sex, age, religion, and more. Unfortunately, employment law in California is often overlooked or even abused in the workplace.


No Upfront Costs To You

When unlawfully ejected from your position, you experience a sudden and devastating loss of income. Our Employment Law Attorneys review and process your case at no cost to you, so you can focus on what matters most.

Here is What Our Clients Say About Our Law Firm

  • Absolutely satisfied with this Law Firm! The attorney was very helpful, thorough, and very informative. She made me feel comfortable and I knew she was speaking to me with full honesty. Cathy, that’s who i spoke with, is a very intelligent and straight forward woman. Which is what I loved the most. I am forever thankful for all the information given to me. Every minute spent speaking to Cathy was productive and it was worth every minute!

    Graciela M. Avatar
    Graciela M.

    They're very professional and helpful. They accommodate every question and every situation I have. They explain above and beyond my understanding and they're patient and listen to everything I explain as best as I can. I have nothing but good things to say. Thank you for all your help.

    vasa g. Avatar
    vasa g.

    5 star ratingI needed an employment law firm. I tried others who were unresponsive. Davtyan was quick to respond. I'm very happy with their resolution to my situation.

    Laura F. Avatar
    Laura F.
  • 5 star ratingI appreciate the time they take out of their own to help to help me and explain everything I needed to understand.

    Pedro G. Avatar
    Pedro G.

    5 star ratingIt took a few months for them to review everything I sent but once they got through it all the call and plan to execute a suit is definitely pleasing, would definitely recommend calling!

    Jeremy E. Avatar
    Jeremy E.

    5 star ratingI strongly recommend this law firm to anyone who is dealing with issues related to masks or vaccine mandates. They are attentive and prompt in their response to the details of your individual situation. They express empathy and are patient with you while you explain your feelings. I'm confident my experience will end with justice. Thank you so much, Davtyan.

    Myles C. Avatar
    Myles C.
  • They're dedicating themselves to my case, eager to work immediately to get me the best recovery possible. Accrued evidence accurately. Even gave me options I was not aware of. Davtyan has a great track record of representing their clients, helping them get the best possible settlement. Their collective group of attorneys cater to your case, eliminating hassle and worry. Davtyan Law is my go to group, as they've given my case the care and attention it deserves.

    Armando Q. Avatar
    Armando Q.

    5 star ratingI needed help to confront a problem from a previous employer and they were great at informing me of next steps and how to appropriately address the situation. Friendly and thorough.

    Genious B. Avatar
    Genious B.

    5 star ratingThe attorney was ultra professional, patient and clearly very astute. Her expertise was reflected in our communications and she broke it down so I understood. Most importantly, I trusted her.

    Jane U. Avatar
    Jane U.
  • From the moment this law firm began to look into my employment case they were attentive very informative and extremely honest about possibilities of outcomes, possibilities from both sides of the river
    I believe the firm has so much confidence in their abilities and associations that it's not a very difficult thing for them to determine whether or not a case is worth pursuing.
    One of the best firms I've ever approached where the initial relationship with this firm was very clear and very honest.

    Leslie S. Avatar
    Leslie S.

    I have had a very positive experience with Davtyan Law Firm. They have been very professional, responsive, and courteous. They have explained all aspects of how they can assist me and have been very patient and thorough. A special thanks to Emilia who provided me with detailed explanations and answered all of my questions.

    Cindy O. Avatar
    Cindy O.

    Emilia is such an awesome knowledgeable attorney. She was able to explain everything step by step and very transparent about the process. During this stressful process she made me feel extremely confident my case would be settled and eased alot of anxiety.
    I would recommend Davtyan to anyone who wants a thorough, professional job done and I thank Davtyan team !!

    Tanisha H. Avatar
    Tanisha H.
  • 5 star ratingThey were very helpful,detailed and im Really impressed all of the sides my case could possibly go to or lead through she narrowed it down for me so i can possibly got the highest claim possible. Thanks again sona i really appreciate your help

    Harold F. Avatar
    Harold F.

    5 star ratingYou know, so often u hear the worse things about lawyers..LIES..Davtyan Law Firm is patient, understanding, and they listen. Their knowledge of law and attention to detail are impressive.. The passion to help people is real! .. Most appreciated, from my family to yours, Thank you.

    Nyki Nena H. Avatar
    Nyki N.

    The team here was very compassionate and listened to my concerns. They were very thorough and detailed about my issues and had a very friendly attitude. Everyone I spoke with was very pleasant.

    Katherine C. Avatar
    Katherine C.
  • I just want to encourage everyone that has been fire wrongfully to not stay quiet and seek professional help. Davtyan Law Firm are professional and so attentive to help. Cathe was awesome, very patient explaining my case. So glad I called them!

    Aaron T. Avatar
    Aaron T.

    5 star ratingThis company has been extremely helpful and attentive to my case everything has been reviewed briefly and has left me with no questions

    Anahi M. Avatar
    Anahi M.

    5 star ratingResponsive, professionals Thank you team.

    Jesse H. Avatar
    Jesse H.
  • I'd like to take this time willingly about this law firm .Davtyan . They listened, were patient , and most of all the most professional law firm. I did not expect them to be so kind and understanding and have the thrive to actually help me out with my situation. I can tell you that in finding a law firm to help Me I chose the right one ! And I'm extremely happy with how they are handling everything. Especially Emilia from Davtyan law firm. She was very patient with me and help me understand how things work when I didn't understand some things about the law . I'd just like to say Thank you Emilia ! Thank you Davyton law
    Firm they definitely have the right people there to help others like they are helping me if you have people there like Emilia . Thank you so much. I'm so lucky to chose the right lawfirm. 5/5

    Trick o. Avatar
    Trick o.

    5 star ratingI would recommend this law firm to anyone looking to get help with their potential case . They are professional , kind and very understanding. They explain everything in detail so there are no things left out . Very courteous and patient to perspective clients . 10 stars from me .

    Gianna S. Avatar
    Gianna S.

    My experience with the law firm has been very easy, quick and thorough.
    They don’t beat around the bush or try and sell you on anything. They explain each step thoroughly and will ask if they need to further explain anything over or anything else,which I think is important because they’re not looking out just for themselves but for their clients also like a good law firm should… They’re very communicative and they respond back very quickly. I’ve browsed around for a law firm to handle my concerns and this law firm got back to me quicker than most. I’d highly recommend them because over all my experience has been nothing but short and simple😁

    crystalynn v. Avatar
    crystalynn v.
  • 5 star ratingSo far this Law Firm has been very easy to work with and understand what's taking place in my case. I appreciate their honesty & communication.

    Crystalynn V. Avatar
    Crystalynn V.

    5 star ratingVery nice and good people I recommend them 100%.

    Jamal C. Avatar
    Jamal C.

    If I had to sum it up in one word (professional) would be just that. From the very start of our conversation was straight to the point and honest I respect that!💪🏾💯 thank you!

    Fred W. Avatar
    Fred W.
  • I felt like I wasn’t being treated fairly at work and my pay was not where it should have been for the amount of work I was doing, so I reached out to Davtyan Law Firm. During my one on one meeting what I suspected my employer was doing was confirmed and there’s other laws they’re breaking as well. I’m so happy that someone finally listened to me!

    Lakresha J. Avatar
    Lakresha J.

    Personnel are very reliable and informed.
    They reply back in a quick and timely manner and answer any questions you may have.
    I had a phone interview with the attorney and office called the day before to confirm the appointment along with an email and text message.
    On the day of the phone interview someone from the office called to apologize that the attorney was held up and would be a few minutes late if I was okay waiting or did I need to reschedule very professional.
    Attorney Emilia was great very detailed and informative and helpful.
    Couldn't ask for better support.

    morgan M. Avatar
    morgan M.

    Really informative she answer all my queations....

    Elias Bar Avatar
    Elias B.
  • So far it’s been a good expand does take time for the process and I hope it does work out in the end, but they do stay in contact snd give good feedback and they help educate you on the rights and laws of the individuals and they do look for opportunities to make it better for the customer

    Robert Salas Avatar
    Robert S.

    Excellent employment attorneys. These guys know what they're doing.

    Cathe Caraway-Howard Avatar
    Cathe C.

    Awesome place never been more satisfied with lawyers in my life they are doing a great job. Call if you need help with what they offer

    Creative man is back ruby Avatar
    Creative m.
  • 5 star ratingthe experience I had in davtyan law firm was remarkable. They help with all my questions.give me detail about my case. always email me for any concerns .I would definitely recommend davtyan law firm.

    Cynthia B. Avatar
    Cynthia B.

    I have been in contact with this law office for over 1 year on a workplace case. They are accurate and through with their legal advice. They keep their appointments and returns phone call promptly.

    DeAndre Holley Avatar
    DeAndre H.

    Very polite patient and understanding would recommend to the world

    kari canales Avatar
    kari c.
  • Today I spoke to them and they made me feel so comfortable speaking about my situation. They asked a lot of questions that most people would feel was not important but it made me feel that they were taking me and my situation seriously. Sona was very professional with me. I highly recommend giving them a call if you need to be heard/helped.Anthony Lowe( Whittle)

    Anthony Lowe Avatar
    Anthony L.

    From the 1st day Davtyanlaw has been the most professional law firm I've had the pleasure of working with. I really appreciated their communications in calls, texts and emails and that they were able to find ways to help me in more ways than what I expected and anyone would be lucky to have them as their attorney's!

    Justin McClenahan Avatar
    Justin M.

    Very professional knowledgeable and explained things to where I perfectly understood things. Thankful to be working with you guys.

    Jaiden Briggs Avatar
    Jaiden B.
  • Very helpful and professional. I will recommend them.

    James Marshall Avatar
    James M.

    Davtyan Law Firm staff have been very kind, professional, and empathetic to me from day one. I feel safe knowing that they are very precise when handling my current situation. I also feel comfortable asking them questions when needed. They explain details in a simplified way making it so easy to understand your case. I'm grateful that I found them just by random one day and would recommend their services if you are in a bind, no doubt. 👍😊

    Cara Lish Avatar
    Cara L.

    It’s been a pleasant experience working with Davtyan and all my questions and queries were addressed. I understand that cases and informations are perused with considerable amount of time, the firm makes use of informing me the developments and I’m hoping for a successful resolution. More power to all the legal team of Davtyan and to Atty Sona.

    Nicolas Avatar
  • Today I spoke to them and they made me feel so comfortable speaking about my situation. They asked a lot of questions that most people would feel was not important but it made me feel that they were taking me and my situation seriously. Sona was very professional with me. I highly recommend giving them a call if you need to be heard/helped.
    Anthony Lowe( Whittle)

    Anthony L. Avatar
    Anthony L.

    5 star ratingToday I spoke to them and they made me feel so comfortable speaking about my situation. They asked a lot of questions that most people would feel was not important but it made me feel that they were taking me and my situation seriously. Sona was very professional with me. I highly recommend giving them a call if you need to be heard/helped. Anthony Whittle (Lowe). Best firm I have spoken to so far.

    Anthony W. Avatar
    Anthony W.

    Davtyan Law Firm staff have been very kind, professional, and empathetic to me from day one. I feel safe knowing that they are very precise when handling my current situation. I also feel comfortable asking them questions when needed. They explain details in a simplified way making it so easy to understand your case. I'm grateful that I found them just by random one day and would recommend their services if you are in a bind, no doubt. 👍😊

    Cara L. Avatar
    Cara L.
  • They are the best at what they do and I recommend them 💯 they help me with my case and they best ...!!!!!

    Armando Banda Avatar
    Armando B.

    Professional law firm, Sona definitely knows what she's doing I would recommend her to anyone who needs help

    Lily : Avatar
    Lily :.

    The company was extremely helpful and went out of their way to do the most for me. They were able to bring things I didn’t even know to my attention to help me get the most from the experience. Thank you.

    britney sanger Avatar
    britney s.
  • Everyone i talk to at devtyan was so nice and very helpful..I highly recommend them for any case

    Eric Morales Avatar
    Eric M.

    Wonderful interaction with understanding lawyers that explain everything well and concise . Extremely helpful and informative. I am really excited to have such a good team on my side !!!

    jennifer solis Avatar
    jennifer s.

    I really like Davtyn Law Firm for their knowledge. The lawyer explained everything and answered any questions I may have. So far I have had a great experience and I am looking forward to the outcome. Thank you for everything.

    S. Cha Avatar
    S. C.
  • Great experience with this law firm, they do not forget about you and they will do all they can to help you and let you know all your options. 10/10 will recommend Davtyan Law Firm.

    Tyra Toler Avatar
    Tyra T.

    So I called this law firm because I had a work-related issue they got right back to me and asked me for some of the information that was needed to make a determination as to whether or not they would be able to help once they got the documentation I was sitting press with the way they explained the law in details and they gave me both sides in terms of what could happen and if it doesn't happen they were straight and very forward awesome service

    Brainard Thomas Avatar
    Brainard T.

    5 star ratingWonderful interaction with understanding lawyers that explain everything well and concise . Extremely helpful and informative. I am really excited to have such a good team on my side !!!

    Jennifer S. Avatar
    Jennifer S.
  • BIGSHOUT OUT TOO DAVTYAN LAW FIRM ! If y’all ever need help or have a problem call these guys !!

    BIGSLICC Avatar

    I have all my question and my rights explained very clearly. Very professional explained.

    miguel sanchez Avatar
    miguel s.

    My name is Victoria I’m from California I’ve had problems trying to sue this company I was working for and no lawyer would help me except for Davtyan Law Firm they have been great they found thing out that I didn’t no about and the violation’s these company has done! But anyway they have been really nice and a joy to talk too! If you need help with being wrongfully terminated call Davtyan Law Firm first!!

    Victoria B. Avatar
    Victoria B.
  • 5 star ratingAmazing team. Appreciate the time and effort they have put into my case. Very professional and are amazing at reminders.

    Angie T. Avatar
    Angie T.

    Great Law office!! Very professional and very informative every step of the way. They listen to your thoughts about your case, and let you know exactly what's going on and the steps they are taking to be sure have a good case and that you win your case. I recommend them to anyone that wants a transparent understanding every step of the way.

    Shay V. Avatar
    Shay V.

    5 star ratingIm just really happy to be honest..when I thought all was lost and didn't have no where to turn I get the message that blew my mind completely I was wrongfully terminated and I felt like I needed to be heard I got tired of staying quiet..letting them get away with the way they treat us employees and Davtyan law firm build that confidence in me to come out and say hey I got rights..Honestly they will hear you out and help you out I highly recommend them to anybody..And if you feel like you being treated bad at your current workplace don't be afraid to come out and say something..Davtyan law firm will back you 100%...and I apologize if I took longer than 45 minutes I know I talk alot I just had alot to get of my chest..Thanks for listening you have no idea how that conversation made me feel so good and joyful...Thanks Again...

    Sal G. Avatar
    Sal G.
  • 5 star ratingToday I had my consultation with Emil. He is the third attorney that I have spoken with in regards to my employment situation. Unlike the other attorneys he was very informative. Emil asked many great questions he made me feel like what I was feeling was valid and had great empathy for me. He had a sense of calm about him as well as great knowledge of the employment laws . The other attorneys gave me no hope and had me in tears before the consultation ended . With Emil, I had a sense of hope . I have referred two of my other coworkers to this law firm. I know we have the best attorney in our corner .

    Mary C. Avatar
    Mary C.

    5 star ratingTalked to Emil on the phone, he was very thorough and helpful with all my questions. I would highly recommend.

    Bobby C. Avatar
    Bobby C.

    5 star ratingThe experience I had with this company was remarkable. It felt like they understood my concerns very well and are very prompt about helping.

    Michael A. Avatar
    Michael A.

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