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Davtyan Law Firm is an employment law firm specializing in defending workers’ rights that are protected under California Employment Law. We represent employees that have been treated unlawfully according to the following situations:


Wrongful Termination

Have You Been Unfairly Fired from Your Job? Find out What Constitutes Unlawful Termination.

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Wage & Hour Issues

Are You Not Receiving Fair Pay? We Help
Employees with a Range of Pay Related Issues.

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discrimination and harassment laws in california

Discrimination & Harassment

Is Someone Treating You Differently Due
To Your Race, Age, Gender, or Something Else?

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Workplace Retaliation

Is Someone Taking Revenge and Impairing
Your Ability to Work?
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Protected Leaves

California Employment Law Protects Employees for Certain Leaves of Absence

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We are Employment Lawyers who Handle a
Variety of Other Workplace-Related Legal Issues.

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Why is it important to act quickly?

Your case has a statute of limitation according to California Employment Law, which means it expires at a certain date. While we process your case expediently,  they can take long periods of time to settle. Because of this, it is important to seek the help of a California Employment Law Attorney as soon as you can to avoid the expiration of your case.


A Few Minutes of Time Now Makes a Huge Difference.

It Could Be the Difference Between Winning and Losing Your Employment Law Case.


There is An Expiration Date on Filing a Case.

Don’t Forfeit Your Rights. Let Us Help You File Your Case Quickly.


Your Case Gets Weaker as Each Day Passes.

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A friendly Intake Team member will ask for topline information on your situation and will let you know if a phone interview can be scheduled with our next level Intake Specialist


3. Phone Interview

Our next level Intake Specialist will review your situation in more detail and request documents that help our attorneys determine next steps


4. Document Sharing

You share requested employment documents for our attorneys to review and determine if
a consultation makes sense


5. Attorney Consultation

One of our expert attorneys will have a one-on-one, personal phone consultation with you to explain all legal options

Based in Los Angeles, We Focus Exclusively On Employment Law and Protecting Employees’ Rights.

We are Lawyers who Represent Employees Throughout the State of California in Every Industry Against Both Large Corporations and Smaller Companies. It Is Important To Understand Employment Law in California and How It Affects Your Situation. The Team at Davtyan Law Firm Excels at Defending Employees in California.


Employees Have Rights

You have legal rights in the workplace that include fair compensation laws, personal privacy, and freedom from discrimination based on sex, age, religion, and more. Unfortunately, employment law in California is often overlooked or even abused in the workplace.


No Upfront Costs To You

When unlawfully ejected from your position, you experience a sudden and devastating loss of income. Our Employment Law Attorneys review and process your case at no cost to you, so you can focus on what matters most.

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Based in California, we focus exclusively on employment law, protecting employees' rights. We handle a broad range of employment disputes including wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, wage and hour issues, among others.

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