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Based in California, We Focus Exclusively On Employment Law and Protecting Employees Rights.

Employees Have Rights

You have legal rights in the workplace that include fair compensation, personal privacy, and freedom from discrimination based on sex, age, religion, and more. Unfortunately, these rights are sometimes overlooked or even abused in the workplace.


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We Represent Employees Throughout the State of California in Every Industry Against Both Large Corporations and Smaller Sized Companies.

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Do Any of These Situations Apply to You?


Wrongful Termination

Have You Been Unfairly Fired from Your Job? Find out What Constitutes Unlawful Termination.

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Wage & Hour Issues

Are You Not Receiving Fair Pay? We Help
Employees with a Range of Pay Related Issues.

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Discrimination & Harassment

Is Someone Treating You Differently Due
To Your Race, Age, Gender, or Something Else?

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Workplace Retaliation

Is Someone Taking Revenge and Impairing
Your Ability to Work?

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Protected Leaves

Employees in California Are Guaranteed Leave for Certain Events.

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Not Sure?

We Handle a Variety of Other Workplace-
Related Legal Issues.

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Based in California, we focus exclusively on employment law, protecting employees' rights. We handle a broad range of employment disputes including wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, wage and hour issues, among others.

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