Emil Davtyan’s Davtyan Law Firm has protected the rights of hundreds of thousands of workers and in the process recovered over $150 million for California’s blue-collar community.  

Since its humble beginnings in 2015, Davtyan Law Firm (www.d.law) has grown to a leading employee rights firm with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. 

 Emil wasn’t born with a silver spoon. He’s the son of immigrants who experienced a tough upbringing and first-hand, blue-collar work experience at a Hollywood Video store, Six Flags Magic Mountain and The Home Depot. His early days as one of California’s working-class helped develop the underdog mentality that’s been instilled in him ever since stepping foot in the United States over 20 years ago.

Davtyan Law Firm’s employee rights expertise provides a trusted ally, safe-haven and legal resource to address any number of work-related pitfalls. Whether it’s a dispute around wage and hours claims, workplace harassment and discrimination, wrongful termination, protected leave violations, and workplace retaliation, Emil and his expert team provide the underserved working-class with the help it so desperately needs. 

 Emil knows all too well about being “the little guy.” His journey is an inspirational representation of the American Dream and has an authentic perspective on the people he fights tooth and nail for. He worked his way up from humble beginnings, as he once shredded paper as a legal intern. He ultimately founded Davtyan Law Firm and fulfilled his mission of shredding the stigma around employment law by providing California’s working-class with a dream team of legal experts to take on “the big guys.” 

  “Hourly and low-wage workers are a collective group of people who make up the backbone of America,” said Emil. “These hard-working individuals often don’t have the resources and means to pursue their valid claims because employment law projects intimidation. If anyone has experienced unfair workplace treatment, they can look to us as the best place to help. We’re always a phone call or online visit away from answering questions and offering free advice.”

To fulfill its mission, www.d.law provides free, no obligation consultation and case evaluation services. If a case is valid, it’s taken on contingency. That means that a worker who sues has absolutely zero out of pocket costs regardless if they win or lose. And if they win like the high percentage of Davtyan Law Firm’s clients, they share a percentage of the recovery funds.  

 There’s been an unprecedented level of employment disruption as a result of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Emil and his team have masterfully maneuvered around the daily changes to ensure workers in need don’t get the short end of the stick. D.Law has fielded over 70,000 inquiries for potential cases during the pandemic alone.

 Emil has been practicing law since graduating with a Juris Doctor  degree from Southwestern Law School in 2014. He is ambitious, empathic and emotionally invested in helping those in need because he was once on the opposite end of the spectrum protecting defendants around employment issues. But he stepped down from the ivory tower because he noticed plaintiffs desperately needed the personalized help that only he could provide. 

So he founded Davtyan Law Firm.

“Willingly changing the trajectory of my career path was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make in my life, but it was so rewarding and satisfying,” said Davtyan. “I was making a great living, but more was desired. I wanted to make a bigger impact. For the longest time, I was a low-wage worker myself. There were times where I needed help too but didn’t know who to turn to. I wanted to be the help that I once needed.” 

Emil’s risk ultimately proved to be a sound move and he continues to help the masses across California. His combined team of over 50 lawyers and staff has helped employees pursue more than 1,800 cases, a large percentage of which have even led to successful class action lawsuits. Today, Davtyan Law Firm’s attorneys bring nearly 50 years of combined practicing experience to California employees.

D.Law operates with the mission of “Champion for California’s Working Class.” The mantra is woven into the DNA and fabric of its workforce, culture and winning attitude in order to help those in need. Emil has meticulously cultivated a company culture that re-imagines the modern law-firm to provide a welcoming atmosphere. This is apparent from the contemporary home-inspired headquarters to the energetic youthful staff that provide a welcome change to the typical old-school ivory tower law firm.

“I encourage every employee who feels they’ve gotten the short end of the stick to at least test the waters to see if their case has substantial legs” said Emil. “It’s really a no-brainer, with zero financial risk.”

Are you a California employee who’s being treated unfairly at work? If so, please call for a free legal consultation 888-TRY-DLAW, visit the D.Law website or email info@davtyanlaw.com.

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