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Protected Leave

Crime Victims Leave

What Is Crime Victims Leave? There are a number of federal laws in place that give California employees the right to take time off work for certain qualifying family or medical reasons, but the state of California has several of its own labor and employment

School Appearance and Activities Leave

What Is School Appearance and Activities Leave? The state of California has important leave laws in place that entitle employees who are also parents, guardians or caregivers to time off work for certain situations in which they must appear at a child’s school or day

Protected Leaves in California

What Are Protected Leaves? California has a number of labor and employment laws and regulations in place that far exceed the standards mandated at the federal level, and it is imperative that California employees understand their employment rights under these laws. For example, in addition

Organ & Bone Marrow Donation Leave

What Are Organ & Bone Marrow Donation Leave? The state of California has some of the most generous and protective leave laws in the country. Under these laws, California employees have the right to take job-protected time off work for a variety of qualifying family

Voting Leave

What Is Voting Leave? Voting is a fundamental right and a civic responsibility and no employee in California should be denied the right to vote by an employer who refuses to grant a protected leave of absence for such purposes. In fact, it is against

New Parent Leave Act

What Is The New Parent Leave Act? In addition to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), which give eligible employees the right to take protected time off work for specific qualifying family or medical reasons, the state

Paid Sick Leave

What Is Paid Sick Leave? There are laws in place that govern the accrual of paid sick leave for California employees and how this accrued leave can be used, and these laws can vary, depending on whether the employer is subject to the state or