California Issues Wage Claim Extension Order

Last month, California Governor Gavin Newson issued an executive order that extended the deadlines for certain wage and discrimination claims. This is a huge win for employees, as it allows them extra time to file for things like unpaid wages and discrimination from their employers. It also allows more time for the state to issue important health and safety citations for state OSHA violations, helping to create safer workspaces for employees.

If you have an unpaid wage claim against your California employer, contact Davtyan Law Firm today to discuss your options. Our experienced employment law team is ready to help you get the money you’ve earned. Even though the deadlines have been extended, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to make sure you have the strongest arguments possible.

What Does EO N-63-20 Say?

The Governor’s executive order, formally known as EO N-63-20, lays out the new deadlines for certain types of claims under the labor code and workplace health and safety citations. Specifically, it states that wage claims filed with the Labor Commissioner that would have originally expired between May 7, 2020, and June 6, 2020, now have an additional 60 days to file. This applies to claims that are filed with the California Department of Industrial Relations, Division Of Labor Standards Enforcement.

In relation to the health and safety of workers, the order also gives Cal/OSHA more time to issue citations to workplaces for violating certain health and safety rules. It also gives employers additional time to appeal such citations.

The executive order goes on to list a variety of other deadline extensions and changes due to COVID-19. The order itself can be complex to read, but you can rest assured that the knowledgable legal team at Davtyan Law Firm can understand the complexities of the order and how they apply to your situation.

In these ever-changing times, it is important to have a proactive legal team on your side to make sure no deadlines are missed and all legal changes are understood. If you have any kind of employment law issue in California, call Davtyan Law Firm today.

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Based in California, we focus exclusively on employment law, protecting employees' rights. We handle a broad range of employment disputes including wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, wage and hour issues, among others.

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